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Tap dancer, singer, choreographer, and songwriter based in Seattle, WA

Lucie lives to bring sparkle to people.


In her choreography, she strives to embody music and create the same feeling in others that the music creates in her. In her teaching, she hopes to inspire others to love tap dancing as much as she does. In her songs, she aims to amuse, delight, and articulate emotions everyone can relate to.

When she's not making music or tap dancing, she crochets stuffed animals, sends gifs to her coworkers, goes lindy hopping, and gesticulates wildly. There is a shortage of whimsy and joy in the world, and it’s her mission to do what she can to fix that.



Lucie took her first tap class at age 19 and has been in love with it ever since. She is a proud member of Josh Scribner’s Alchemy Tap Project (2013 – present) and now fills the role of rehearsal assistant and contributing choreographer.

Honors and Awards:

  • Second Place, Operation Tap Choreography Challenge, 2015, for "Blackbird"

Notable performances:

  • Beat Science 2014-present

  • Folklife Festival

  • Icicle Creek performing artist residency

  • Century Ballroom Anniversary Cabaret celebration

  • Global Party



Lucie has been singing all her life. Her biggest songwriting inspiration is Irving Berlin, because of his ability to find beauty in simplicity. His best songs feel “true” and completely uncontrived, as if he discovered something that was already there to be found.

Honors and Awards:

  • Finalist, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, 2019 Session II, Jazz Category, “It Doesn’t Have to be You”

  • Finalist, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, 2011, solo soprano vocalist



Lucie currently teaches tap dance at Century Ballroom (2019 – present) and Gotta Dance (2018-present).

Additional teaching experience: 

  • Northwest Dance and Acro

  • Bainbridge Island Dance Center

  • The Studio in Issaquah



  • Josh Scribner - tap dance

  • Kevin Buster - ukulele

  • Carol Burton - voice

  • Stewart Hawk - theater